List of UK Employers That Can Sponsor Work Permits to Foreign Skilled Job Seekers

We tracked down the details of  4000 companies / institutions, in all disciplines,who are registered and able to sponsor Work Permits to foreign professionals in the UK.

Tired of sending your CV to companies, only for them to tell you that they do not sponsor work permits to foreigners? Spending day upon day trying to find the details of companies that are open and acceptive of foreign job applicants? Well, then you found the right place.

We did all the hard work for you. We researched and compiled a list of companies in the
UK that are registered and allowed to write letter of sponsorships to successful non-EEA (European Economic Area) job applicants.

Tier 2 visa of the Points Based System for UK
immigration replaces the previous system of work permits as part of the new UK visa structure. Tier 2 visas are designed for medium and highly skilled workers immigrating to the visa structure.

Tier 2 visas are designed for medium and highly skilled workers immigrating to the
UK and require applicants to have a confirmed offer of employment with a British company.

With the exception of tier 1 visas, which replace the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) all non-EE nationals relocating to the
UK need to have a sponosr in place and must be in possession of a Certificate of Sponsorship in order to apply for a Work Permit / Tier 2 visa

The list contains companies from every possible field of work.  

Do not waste your time sending your CV to companies who do not even look it at because you do not have the right to work in the UK. Target the right companies from the start! This will save you months of research on the net before you even start sending out your CV.

Sure, you can obtain this information yourself by spending months collecting the data and contact details of companies you can approach with your CV, or you could have thousand of companies you can approach within the next 5 minutes!

Why move to the UK?

The UK is one of the most popular destinations in the world for immigrants, as it offers opportunities few countries can match. A few reasons why it is so popular:

  • Stable government
  • Easy travelling opportunities to Europe (for the adventure seekers!)
  • One of the biggest and most stable economies in the world.
  • Low unemployment rate
  • A free national healthcare system, which immigrants can use from day one
  • A fantastic social care system
  • A culture that is very accepting of people from other nationalities, cultures and backgrounds
  • Opportunity to gain citizenship after 5 years legally staying in UK
  • Top schools and universities
  • The strong currency and a good minimum wage 
  • Exceptional high standard of living

What our list does

As you can see from the above – you must have a letter of sponsorship from a company in the UK in order to start qualifying for a UK work permit. Not all companies can, want to, or are willing to offer work permit sponsorship to non-EEA (European Union). In cases such as this your CV is not even accepted.

The problem is to target companies that will, in the least, not turn your CV away because you do not have the right to work in the UK. You also want to spend your energy on the job hunting itself and not worry about if the company will look at the CV you just spent time on perfecting. Give yourself the best chance, save yourself months in time chasing companies and start your UK dream sooner rather than later. We did the hard work – so you don’t have to.

Our database includes over 4000 companies / institutions and agencies. We include the name of the company and location.

This list is yours in just 4 minutes!

Your copy of our UK Work Permit Sponsors List will be yours in less than four minutes, in fact once you've placed you order, your copy will be delivered instantly into your e-mail inbox! So you can start using the list immediately. 

Bonus #1 – UK Immigrant Guide

We include, for free, a report on important practical things a new immigrant in the UK should know and be aware of. Remember that a visa is not the only thing that is needed to succeed in the UK!

Bonus #2 – Free updates for a year

Our list currently includes 4000 companies of which we provide you with the name and email address. However, we are currently hard at work to expand this to more companies and more details. Every time we issue an update to our list and guide you will receive a FREE copy!

Every sale comes with our 100% guarantee that all the companies on our list is correct.

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